Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few of the most asked questions of a body shop.

Q: Do I have a choice of where my car goes?
A: Yes, the choice is completely yours. Your insurance may suggest to you where to take it but ultimately the choice is yours. 

Q:How long does an estimate take?
A: An estimate generally takes 20 minutes. If there is substantial damage it may take longer. 

Q:How much does an estimate cost?
A: Estimates are free of charge and you are not required to get more than one estimate.  The only estimate that you need is one from the shop you are planning on taking your vehicle.  All estimates are for visible damage, as there may be hidden damage.  

 Q:What is a deductible?
A: A deductible is the amount the owner is responsible to pay the shop. (usually $250. $500. or $1000)

Q:What if I need a rental car?
A: If you need a rental vehicle we would be happy to help make arrangements.  Insurance companies only pay for a rental vehicle if it is in your policy or you are the claimant. You can call your insurance company to see if you have coverage and what your limitations are.  

If you do not have rental car coverage we have loaner cars that we provide for customers.  Call us to reserve yours today.  

Q:Is there a warranty?
A: At Hi-Tech Collision we offer a lifetime warranty on all the work we do.  

Q:Do you work with any insurance company or only certain ones?
A: We work with all insurance companies and would be glad to handle all the work with your insurance company for you.